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Hellooo - I’m Kieran!

So then, you’re all loved up, everything’s still fresh, and it’s currently all systems GO on the wedding planning front! Trust me, I've been there. You’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer, and you’ve landed here - Hi!

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, there's probably a few things you should know about me first…


My Approach

It’s no secret that weddings are super fun, full of joy, tears, belly laughs and everything in between. They’re the un-posed moments, that ‘just married’ feeling, those loved-up kisses and the teary-eyed grandmas! I simply adore weddings.

I’m all for the non-traditional couples planning their day, their way.

I’m all about gorgeous wedding photography in the North-West of England, including places like Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire & The Lake District.

I actually consider myself to be a story-teller, more than just a wedding photographer. This style of photography means I can blend in as one of your guests, immerse myself in the action, and capture those natural moments exactly as they happen.

I won't just rock up on the day, take some overly-posed images, and then go home - for me, wedding photography is the emotional, fun-filled storytelling that I can't get enough of.

Oh, and I LOVE colour!

So, grab yourself a brew, put on your fluffiest socks, sit down and have a look around my site!

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