Inkersall Grange Farm Wedding Photography | A fun, festival themed wedding


A fun, festival themed tipi wedding

If you’ve taken a look around my site then it’ll be no surprise to you that I’m all for being a fun and colourful wedding photographer. And there was lots of that to be had during this day! If you’re wanting to plan a tipi wedding or ‘wedfest’ as they called it, with pops of colour, lots of laughs, and pizza vans, then you NEED to see this!

In the summer, I had the absolute pleasure of heading over towards Nottinghamshire to shoot at this absolutely gorgeous tipi wedding venue! Sarah & Will were so excited to be planning this totally outrageous festival themed wedding, I mean who wouldn’t obviously?! But the more I found out about this wedding, the harder it got to not be just as excited as them! Registrar dressed up in steampunk (Yes! This actually happened!), amazing wedding entertainment, and a gorgeous summers day.

The morning of the wedding

Sarah & Will had actually been married officially a few days before with just their closest family and friends, and basically they wanted a big party a few days later - hence this outrageous wedfest! It also meant Sarah didn’t want any of the prep stuff of the morning (which is unusual for me, but I’m always accommodating!). Regardless, I was just excited to be a part of this gorgeous day! So I decided to spend the morning with the lads and it was ace! I think Will was more nervous for the unofficial hand-fasting ceremony than the one a few days previous!

Time to party!

Well, not quite yet, it was time for the hand-fast part first! I arrived at Inkersall Grange farm and I was blown away, the effort they had put into decorating the place was incredible (I’m a sucker for DIY weddings!). Sarah is definitely not your typical bride, in the best way possible of course! She has bright purple hair, is tattooed and didn’t wear the typical wedding dress! But that’s why I LOVED this wedding, it was a couple doing their day, their way. Completely non-traditional and I’m all for that!

They didn’t have a wedding breakfast either, so instead they had a Glastonbury-style array of food vendors. With lots of pizza vans, hot dog stalls, nachos, you name it! However, they did want to keep some elements of a true wedding day, so they decided to have speeches and a first dance still. After all the formalities were over, It was clear to see that Sarah & Will were dying to let their hair down.. and I think the photos reflect that!

Please, if you’re wanting to plan a festival themed wedding and you’re looking for a photographer, then you know what to do! I’d love to be a part of it! Head over to my contact page to get in touch and you like what you see.

Inkersall Grange Farm is the perfect venue to host a wedding. As the name suggests, it’s situated on a farm but it also has giant tipis within its grounds. It has the potential of catering for up to 150 people, which makes it perfect for either a full on party or an intimate affair. There is lots of potential at this wedding venue to make it your wedding day bespoke with a lot of intricate details that can be added. Inkersall Grange Farm is quite secluded, making it an ideal place to be married - It has cozy campfires & summer BBQs, offering an all-round relaxed vibe. It is also has an incredibly rustic feel to it, tipis often have grass or rugs inside, but this particular venue has permanent wood flooring - something that is quite unusual for tipis! It definitely adds to whole feel of the place.